Drawings and Paintings

Leaving traces of my life through my painting

Since my childhood I have always liked to draw; when I was child in Peru, the country where I was born, I remember I always liked to draw with markers, and I used to be fascinated when seeing any type of drawing or painting; I also remember I didn’t have toys to play, so I used to draw in paper my own toys, which then I used to cut out so I could play with them. I also used to play with leaves and seeds from eucalyptus tree, which was a common tree in the area of the Andes where I used to live for some time. I liked to create an imaginary world full of fun, I think that these early years of my life were the ones that helped me develop my creativity.

During my adolescence, when I came to live in Spain en 1994, I was fascinated by the graffitis I saw on the streets. And I decided I wanted to learn to paint on the walls too. These were times in which I had to save for a long time, doing small jobs that helped me buy spray cans. No bad work mattered, as long as I could have money to buy sprays to paint. After a few years, I began to feel more interested in painting on canvas, and that’s when I decided to study Fine Arts, where I learned many of the classic techniques that can be used to paint and draw.

Since then I have always tried to express and paint traces of my life through my painting, I like knowing that each piece of art always hides a story and various feelings. For me, painting and drawing is like a therapy for my mental health, in which I can concentrate and evade towards a purer state of stimulation for my brain. I like figurative painting and abstract painting alike, I am passionate about classical and modern art.