Graffiti in Graphic Design

The Graffiti and Graphic Design joint together for life.

The graffiti, being an urban style full of creativity, has always had a connection with graphic design. graffiti has gone from being a clandestine type of art to being well accepted in society and consumers in general. There are many graffiti artists, including myself, that have decided to improve their knowledge studying graphic design, and applying that inspiration provided by the urban art into their graphic designs and illustrations.

In publicity, the purpose of design is to satisfy the necessities of the visual communication through a way that catches the attention of people, and there is no doubt that the Graffiti draws attention. The letters and the vivid colours of the urban art provide a unique identity to a graphic design. In general, graffiti has been a great ally to the graphic design, and it can be said that it goes beyond being a transient trend; because it continues to evolve and searching for new material techniques. It also adapts to new digital techniques.

Besides being an urban artist, I am also an experienced graphic designer. Throughout my artistic career I have made several graphic design projects, in which I have included my style of graffiti on them. Sometimes to reach a young audience, other times to give a visual link to other related trends such as Street Food or Street Dance. I have made several projects for corporate branding, advertising and merchandising to promote different products, in which I have incorporated my graffiti style. In this page you can see some of the works I have done. And if you are interested in having a graphic design for your business or personal brand, that incorporates graffiti elements into the design, then do not hesitate to contact me.