Graffiti Murals

A mural painting or Graffiti can help to create a bigger impact on your project and on your business

Making of a graffiti mural painting (which is normally done in big size measurements) can help a lot to bring attention to your business. I can also help to enhance your corporate brand and/or your personal brand, specially if the work is done by a professional artist that knows the principles of aesthetics, theory of color and principles of composition and design. During the 20+ years experience I have painting with spray cans, I have dedicated myself to learn the knowledge necessary to create images that are not only beautiful, but also meaningful. I am a passionate of the Street Art and the Graffiti, because through them it is possible to communicate directly with the people. Today there have been many people and businesses that have trusted the creativity of commercial Graffiti to empower their brand and their style, through an original language that represents the urban art and culture.

One the great advantages of the spray can technique is that is a very quick technique, depending on the size of the wall and the complexity of the design, some mural work can be made in one day. Normally it takes more time to do the research and planning of the design, than going to make the actual painting. Another advantage of painting with spray cans is that it can be used to paint both in interior and exterior places, and also in different surfaces, such as walls, pieces of wood, and pieces of metal. The finish of a spray can artwork offers a plain and uniform texture, so you don’t get brush marks, providing a fine layer of good quality paint.

Commercial Graffiti has grown a lot in the recent years, and I feel proud of having participated in various projects, like the decorations of bars, restaurants, shops, bedrooms, events, and advertising campaigns. Every project I make is unique, therefore every project receives personal care and original work.