Workshops and Events

Any type of event can be made more fun if it has a little bit of graffiti.

I offer my graffiti and urban art services to all kinds of events: exhibitions, parties, concerts, and product presentations. The use of graffiti at an event can be used to emphasise different goals the customer may want to achieve. I can focus projects to enhance the theme of an event providing decoration or backdrop, or tap into the essence of the brand itself to illustrate a more playful take on their own marketing scheme. Not only does this create a unique feature, my customers have also fed back that it has helped make their event more memorable.

Painting graffiti for events can also be carried out live. This always leaves the spectators fascinated, as they see how a wall, or a blank piece of wood, can become a work of art in front of them. In events I can either be the only one to paint, or in some cases if you wish; you can allow the spectators to try the spray paint a little themselves. Under my guidance and supervision of course ensuring the work does not lose its quality.

I also do graffiti workshops, where the purpose is to teach people to paint with the spray can technique, I have done these types of events for school students during external trips; and I can also do events for companies, after all graffiti can also be a team job. Often, several graffiti artists get together to make murals, learning from each other and enhancing on their own skills; all whilst networking. This type of team energy can easily be transferred to a motivational activity within any company. Participating in a mural collectively can make workers show a more artistic and human side to their co-workers, something that sometimes inside the office you do not have the opportunity to see. It allows for integration and internal networking of which the results can be priceless. Therefore, if you have any idea for an event where you want graffiti to be part of it, do not hesitate to contact me.